New! Flanders Outdoor Fall Program

New!  Flanders Outdoor Fall Program

Let Flanders campus become your child’s outdoor classroom during schools Covid 19 modified schedules this Fall.  Flanders 200 acre Van Vleck Farm with meadows, forest, pond, brooks and animals creates unique, hands on learning opportunity that brings biology and natural science curriculum to life.  Weekly themes offer a chance for in depth field studies and investigations to discover diversity of life in natural habitats.  Our daily hikes exploring the trails are a chance for kids to experience the wonder and interdependence of all living things.  Multicultural storytelling, art, poetry and creative writing are all part of our busy schedule.  Starting September 8 thru December 18, Flanders Outdoor Program experiences will connect our community’s children to worldwide environmental issues as they find their role as the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts and environmental stewards. Flanders will also provide students supervised time, space and connectivity to accomplish online learning.  Devices to be supplied by student.

We follow all safety protocols within an emphasis on the CDC recommendations.  Small class size.  All indoor spaces are deep cleaned weekly; teachers and students must wear masks while indoors, when outdoors students are not required to wear a mask if they can safely social distance.  Safe drop off and pick up procedures are in place.

Students should be dressed to be outside in all weather conditions! Pack snack/lunch for picnic style eating on the go! (Healthy choices please)

Sign up daily or weekly, depending on space availability.  Limit to 14 students per location.

Every Week Day (except holidays) |  AM from 8:30 – 12:30 PM or PM 12:30 – 4:30 PM or ALL DAY 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM | Trail House (Grades K – 2) or Sugar House (Grades 3 – 5)  |$30 members & $40 non per session  | Register

Flanders Outdoor Fall Program will follow farm, science, art and nature programming topics over the course of 15 weeks. Some examples include:

Insect life cycles
Dragonflies, butterflies, moths, plants and pollinators

Pond life
Frogs and salamanders, turtles and snakes, aquatic insects, water quality,

Birds of a feather
Migration, birds of prey-hawks and owls, feather construction, nest and eggs, ducks and geese

Plant-tastic worlds
Seed dispersal and biomimicry, trees, leaves, botany, medicinal plants, mushrooms, invasive plants

Farm Discoveries-Sheep and Goats
Sheep to shawl-History of wool, breeds of sheep, science of felting, spinning and weaving

Forest Findings
Small seek looking under logs, tree identification, evergreens, building with wood

Farm Discoveries-Harvest Time
Pumpkin, corn, scarecrows, seasonal changes, seed saving thirteen moons on turtles back, Native American culture, seasonal changes, plant usage, invasive plants

Mad Science Creature Catch
Imagine a combination of mammal and insect, prehistoric adaptations, fact or fiction, mask making, monstrous fun

Understanding Beavers
Aquatic adaptations, tree usage for dams and lodge, water cycle

Mammal Mania
Predator/prey relationships, hibernation and winter survival, function of fur/hair milky marvels

Water On The Move
Brook creature catch, rock cycle and geologic weathering process, erosion, watch that slope, water cycle

Survival Skills
Native American and Colonial Life, Animals survival strategies, predator prey relationships, foraging and medicinal plants, shelter