Traditional Field Trips (yes)

Traditional Field Trips At Flanders

We’re so glad you’re considering a visit to Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust. We have a variety of environmental education programs and immersive field trips for students in pre-school through grade 5. The facilities at our main campus, the Van Vleck Sanctuary, include a historic barn with a variety of live farm animals, a maple sugar house, and classroom. Our grounds provide a perfect spot for exploring the outdoors and for hands-on learning, with 200 acres of forests, ponds, farm fields, meadows, wetlands, and streams, all of which support a diversity of wildlife. 

For more information or to register for a field trip call Amber McDonald at
(203) 263-3711 x12 or

Fall On The Farm Field Trips
September through November
Our historic, 200-acre New England farm has deep roots in agricultural history. Flanders provides the perfect setting for students to learn about agriscience, naturally. Your students will explore how animals are raised, how plants are grown and understand the connection to local farms as a valuable food source.

Visit The Barnyard
See the flock of Shetland sheep that provide wool for spinning, knitting and weaving.  Learn about cows, milk and dairy products we consume in a fun, hands-on way.  Carefully observe a variety of mammals found on a farm and understand the characteristics of mammals.

Take A Tractor Ride                
Our scenic hayride provides an opportunity for observations of wildlife, seasonal changes and evidence of our past.  Our tractor pulling a wagon acts as a classroom on wheels and allows students to focus on the landscape to be inspired to ask questions, collect and document data for journal entries and science investigations. Our fields, meadows, wetland and forest provide diverse habitats for viewing wildlife and help develop our stewardship role in a changing planet

Learn About Pumpkin Life Cycles
Pick a pumpkin to decorate and take home.  Learn about plant life cycles.

Play The Weather Game
Learn that farm production depends on weather conditions and that activities on a farm change with the seasons.  Connect food purchased at grocery stores to the farms that grow them.

Visit Our Farm and Rural Life Museum
A collection of more than 500 tools that showcases technology through time.

Add A Themed Hike through garden, field and woods.

Participation in all of the above-mentioned activities during one field trip is dependent on the amount of students and teacher’s needs.

Wonders In The Water Field Trip
September through November
Your students will scoop into the pond with nets and learn about the life cycles of local amphibians, insects, mammals, reptiles and birds The curriculum will focus on how different plants and animals are adapted to obtain air, water, food and protection in water habitats.  PLUS take a tractor ride to the marsh habitat to learn about the role of busy beavers.

Maple Syrup Magic Show Field Trip
Late February through March
Students learn where maple syrup comes from and see how sap is collected from trees and cooked
in a working sugar house. Learn how Native Americans and early settlers made maple products. Discover maple math and finish with a taste of the final sweet product
This is a special 1-hour program – $6 per students ($120 minimum)

Spring On The Farm Field Trips (a tractor ride is included)
April through June

Animal Life Cycles
Spring is the perfect time to visit the farm to learn about baby animals.  Chicks are hatching from eggs, the sheep have new lambs and kid goats are sure to entertain your students as they learn about animal life cycles and products produced from farms.

Planting For Pollinators
Students will learn about the components of soil when planting a seed mix to benefit pollinators.  Our biodegradable plant pots can be planted in the ground at home or at school for further science observations and research projects

Technology Through Time  
Visit the Antique Farm Tool museum to see tools created to make farm life easier.  Our collection of over 500 different tools used for planting, harvesting, and animal care during the year.  Your students will discover the difference between needs and wants for human survival as they explore tools from the past.

Play The Weather Game
Our weather game played outside in a big field lets kids run as they learn how weather plays an important role in farming success.

Insect Investigation  
The meadow is filled with a variety of insects and arachnids to catch, identify, and release.  This field study offers hands-on learning for your class as they discover life cycles and diversity in the insect world.

Natures Engineers  
Our resident beaver builders create dams and lodges in their watery habitat.  Birds build nests and insects build hives.  Learn how some animals change their environment and use natural materials to build with.

Bees & Butterflies  
Our meadow has a variety of different plants that benefit insects.  Discover milkweed and how important it is to Monarch butterflies.  It is a host plant that feeds the caterpillar and a nectar plant that feeds both bees and butterflies.  75% of our food is pollinated by insects.  Learn how humans can help bees and butterflies.

Water Cycle Game  
Water is always on the move!  This fun and active game teaches about the water cycle in an exciting and lively way!

Life In The Pond Field Trip (a tractor ride is included)
April through June
A short hike through the woods brings your students to the Botany Pond where they can catch, identify, and release amphibians, reptiles and insects. From eggs to legs students will learn about metamorphosis and the wonders of wildlife in the water.

Wood frogs, spring peepers, green frogs, tree frogs, and toads are just a few of the many amphibians who lay eggs in the water at Flanders during spring. Your students will be amazed at the abundance of life they discover during your visit.

For Teachers:  Teaching points that may be covered on your field trip:
Hayride Observation
Milky Mammals
Weather Game
Planting for Pollinators (spring field trip)
Three Sisters Garden (spring field trip)

2-hour program: $10/ student
3-hour program: $12/ student

Recommended Program For:
50 students or less – 2 hour program
50 students or more – 3 hour program

In order to achieve maximum on-on-one instruction, classes will be broken into groups, depending on the number of students. Groups will then rotate, so that all of your students will have ample time to experience each fun-filled and exciting program.

Programs can be customized to fit your curriculum needs and to allow for the maximum amount of outdoor education time that your schedule permits.

Please be sure students dress for the weather and check for ticks! Light colored clothing can spot them easily.