Flanders Distinguishes Itself By Becoming An Accredited Land Trust

The accreditation seal is awarded to land trusts meeting the highest national standards for excellence and conservation permanence.
It sends a message to landowners and supporters: “Invest in us. We are a strong, effective organization you can trust to conserve your land trust forever.”


Benefits of this seal of accomplishment for Land Trusts


As an accredited land trust, Flanders can approach landowners and supporters with confidence, using the accreditation seal to demonstrate the excellence of our work.
  • Donors want to give to effective, well-run organizations. Accreditation assures donors that Flanders is a good investment.
  • Landowners want to know that a land trust will be able to carry out their conservation vision. Accreditation shows that Flanders has what it takes.
  • Funders often set strict requirements for grant recipients – and two-thirds of accredited land trusts say accreditation makes it easier to meet these requirements.
  • Almost all land trusts improve their policies and programs as they apply for accreditation – with 96% of accredited land trusts saying that the process made them stronger.